Announcing GuSTO: Going Supernova Traits Optimizer

GuSTO: Going Supernova Traits Optimizer logoIn March, our company, Rodax Software, launched mobile app development services. Today, I’m proud to announce the first App Store release from our services team, GuSTO: Going Supernova Traits Optimizer.

We are the designers, developers and distributors of GuSTO for Mentor InSight—an innovative educational company, founded by Molly Lavik. Mentor InSight’s mission is empowering superachievement. They do this by providing an environment where powerful connections and interactions with sought after advisers are possible. In this unique environment you can connect with advisers who can help you plan, strategize, and stay on track with making your dreams come true.

We worked closely with Mentor InSight to develop a tool that enables people seeking mentorship and guidance an unprecedented opportunity to engage with mentors by cultivating a sought after network of insightful advisers. Using the power of SKEDi’s advanced cloud calendaring technology, a platform has been developed where advisers have a bird’s-eye view of the plans and appointments of people pursuing guidance with accomplishing their most ambitious goals. This SKEDi powered platform enables your own adviser member network to provide vital encouragement, advice, and collaboration during the early-stages of goal attainment when it’s needed most.

If you’re looking for an enhanced ability to connect and intereact with sought-after advisers, download GuSTO from the App Store to get started today.

For more information about Mentor InSight visit

About John Boyer

John Boyer is the busy parent who founded Rodax Software, Inc — the maker of Skedi Family Calendar.
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