Introducing Skedi: the World’s First iPhone App Connecting & Managing Calendars of Everyone in the Family, No Matter the Type or Platform, Anytime and Anywhere

Help for Parents on the Go: New iPhone App From Rodax Lets Parents Coordinate the Family’s Calendars, From Google to Exchange, in One Spot With Just a Simple Touch from Their iPhone

Seattle, Wash. (Sept. 14, 2011) – Rodax Software, a Seattle software company specializing in cloud-based productivity apps for mobile devices, today unveiled Skedi, the world’s first iPhone app that lets parents connect and manage the calendars of everyone in the family, no matter the type or platform, anytime and anywhere with simply a touch from their iPhone.

With Skedi, busy parents on the go can see the schedules of every family member and plan everything from school appointments to extracurricular activities, including use of the family car (important with teen drivers), directly from their iPhone. Because Skedi connects different types of calendars under a single app, there is no need for family members to switch to a new calendar in order for Skedi to work.  Controls are in place, so parents can designate what calendar items children or teens must accept.  Only people invited by parents are allowed to share the calendar, and parents have the option of including extended family, close friends, babysitters and more.

“Skedi lets parents avoid conflicting appointments or the need to go home to check everyone’s calendars first by managing everyone’s schedules on the go directly from their smartphone,” said John Boyer, president and founder of the company and creator of Skedi.  “With Skedi, everyone in the family can continue to use their favorite calendar – Skedi automatically takes that information and combines it in a single iPhone app that can be managed by parents.”

Other top features include:

  • No need for retyping appointments – Skedi automatically enters data in all calendars (including calendars at work and at home)
  • Easy to import events from published school, club or team calendars
  • Skedi lets parents delegate events to parents, friends and babysitters
  • Skedi is easy to use – if parents know how to use Apple’s calendar app, they already know how to use Skedi.

Skedi is initially available for the iPhone and iPod touch, with plans to add additional platforms in the future.  Skedi can be purchased directly through the Apple App Store.  Pricing is $9.99 per app.  Unlike many apps, Skedi includes free unlimited customer support and service. Customers can contact support in the app or use the online help desk.

Skedi was developed by Rodax Software, a privately held software company headquartered in Seattle, Wash. specializing in mobile software applications.  The company was founded by John Boyer, a seasoned software executive with 14 years of experience for a variety of technology companies including IBM.  For more information on Skedi or the company, please visit the company’s website at

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The App That Gives You Your Family Back, is Almost Here

Launching in just a few short days is the exciting product that we have been hinting at for the past month.  If you are a busy parent with children, you will want to make sure you stop by the app store on September 14th, 2011 and download what will surely become the must have app of the decade.

You’ve read our previous blogs and can relate to the real-life situations of busy parents.  Life as a parent with children is hectic at best.  With this revolutionary smartphone app on the horizon, we know you will instantly reap the benefits, ultimately giving you back your family that is now lost in a sea of jumbled schedules.

Keep an eye out for a tweet from us in a few days on all the details and in the meantime, “like” us on Facebook and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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Where Do Busy Mom’s Go For Info?

You’re a busy parent with a chaotic schedule to keep up with. You don’t have time to scour the Internet searching for ideas and help to streamline your family’s lives. Where do you go for the latest news and reviews on current trends and exciting new tech gadgets?  One answer is the Divine Miss Mommy Blog by Stacie H Connerty. Not only can you find a real-life mother reviewing products, you also can gain valuable advice and insight through her engaging blogs about life and family.

Make sure to stop by Stacie’s blog and while you’re there, imagine a new and exciting app for your iPhone, launching in just 8 days that will revolutionize the way your family lives from day to day.

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Labor Day Hurdles

The last major holiday is here, an end of summer bash before the full school year begins!  Notoriously known for its hectic placement on the calendar, Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September, most times the day before school starts.  Coordinating a final family vacation is difficult at best, but most busy families need a get together out of town before the intense school year commences.

The first of many hurdles to overcome is the most basic one; coordinating everyone’s schedule.  Work, the kids and even a pet sitter schedules are needed before the planning can even begin.  Many busy families lack the time for all this; resulting in a stress overload and no vacation is taken due to a simple, yet currently frustrating task.

There are many travel apps for smartphone’s out there, but none can do what busy families need most; a merging of everyone’s calendars, no matter what the platform or operating system used.  Currently a popular app for the iPhone is Tripit, allowing users to download and sync trip plans with Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal and Google Calendar.  For planning trips, this is a nice tool to have, but currently each user would have to do this sync to whatever platform they are using, which for most people is a myriad of systems.  Imagine a one-stop shop for merging everyone’s calendars. A synchronized calendar that can be shared with everyone in your family.  Just around the corner is the world’s first solution to this hurdle for many families, not just on holidays, but everyday use.

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New School Year Challenges: Afterschool

Alan needs his Mom to pick him up after school at 2:25pm and take him to his soccer practice.  Then he needs her to pick him up again at 5pm from practice and taken to his karate class.  A third pick-up is needed at 8pm from the class with a final destination of home, where homework and dinner are planned.

Meanwhile, Alan’s sister Alexandria has a schedule of her own to keep.  She needs her Mom to pick her up at a different school at 3pm and take her to dance class.  After class is over, she needs to be picked up at 5:15pm and taken to her friends house where she needs to complete a report for school that is due the next day.  She then needs to be picked up at 8:30 and taken home where dinner and family awaits.

Susan needs to be extremely organized to pull this schedule off.  Especially when her calendar is separate from Alan’s and Alexandria’s.  She also needs to make sure they complete their homework and reports on time, meaning there is another school calendar and schedule for that.  It can be quite frustrating to have multiple calendars and schedules all over the place.  It would be ideal to have one calendaring solution that everyone can easily access and merge all their calendars from many different platforms and devices.

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Back to School Challenges: The Family Calendar

Every busy family has trouble coordinating calendars.Over the years there have been attempts at solutions, but most want you to use them exclusively not allowing you to merge everyone’s existing calendars, which doesn’t make sense for most families. Susan has everything in her corporate Microsoft Exchange account while her husband Stewart, keeps his calendar on his Mac using iCal.

Then there are the kid’s schedules. They keep theirs on their phones and parents don’t have any access to them. They have school schedules to keep and after school activities they can’t miss. But with everyone’s calendars all over the place, there are many times people are late or miss their appointments altogether.

With back-to-school fast approaching, wouldn’t now be the time to have one solution that merges everyone’s existing calendars?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was a mobile app that could easily be accessed by everyone?  In the meantime, Susan and Stewart may want to go to their kids school website, find the calendar, download it to their computer or subscribe to it. A lot of teachers are using Google Calendar as well and there are sites like iCalShare that can help using dozens of desktop and web apps.

With the increasing use of electronic calendaring and smartphones, there is an overwhelming need for busy parents to synchronize their work and family schedules in one easy place. That solution is about to become a reality.

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Back to School Challenges: Shopping for School Supplies

Staples and gotten everything on the list? Have Mom and Alexandria been to Target, not duplicating anything Dad and Alan purchased an hour ago? Even with all the cool mobile tech tools out there for parents and kids, many text messages and phone calls are exchanged over hours of shopping all over town. In a busy parent’s life, this time could have been better spent relaxing at home with the kids. Instead, a Saturday is wasted on this annual ritual, yet could have been avoided if there was somehow a way that everyone’s lists, schedules and calendars all could have been shared using one mobile application.

Currently there is no product on the market that can connect unrelated technologies in a simple calendaring option that parent’s can use to see everyone’s schedule at one time, but also plan and schedule activities on the go, directly from their smartphone. However, in a few short weeks, this problem is about to be solved.

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Coordinating Your Children’s Schedules

As many busy parents know, coordinating your children’s schedules can be time consuming and frustrating.  With the proliferation of technology, family members have a broad variety of options as to how they keep track of their schedules, and in general every family member is using a different device or network – typically ones that cannot connect with each other! Parents might use an Exchange calendar at work but cell phones on the go, while kids often use instant messaging or texting.  The result is that planning the simplest of family activities can take on the proportions and complexity of major event.

Just look at the following real life example.

Susan is a busy, working Mom who wants to sign her two children up for summer class sessions at her local museum. On her lunch hour, she drives to the museum to check the schedule of classes offered for her children. There are many options available and time is of the essence since classes are filling fast. She knows which classes her kids are interested in; unfortunately, Susan’s kids are not with her. She tries calling one with no luck and texting the other with the same result. She tries for another 15 minutes unable to get a hold of them. Susan now has to wait until the end of her busy work day to meet up with her kids at home to coordinate their schedules. As a result in this typical situation for many busy parents and their children’s schedules, she and her children lose out on not just this, but many lost opportunities.

Is there anything that could have been done to prevent this and make life easier in the process? There is. Stay tuned for our next blog as we delve deeper into an exciting product on the verge of making your life better.

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